Can we stay one more day?

By: Narakorn Inkamma (“Andrew”) from Thailand

They says “To effectively learn other cultures, we need to get ourself involved.” One of the most effective way is Homestay. This weekend we all YSEALI member have a great change to explore further more about what American people actually do for their life. My host family, Dr. Tobin Shearer and Mrs. Cheryl Shearer, is super nice and kind. During 3 days of homestay, they take me and my partner, Max, to some interesting places, such as Farmer market, Top of the University Mountain, Church, Lolo and Big Dipper.

​Dr. Tobin Shearer, me and Mrs. Cheryl Shearer at Music Festival

In evening of the first day, we went to try the best ice cream in the Missoula called Big Dipper. This ice cream is very famous as you can see a long line of people queueing to get the yummy scoops. Surprisingly the price is not that expensive. Next morning, we decided to go to a farmer market to help my host get some local products for dinner. What I like most when I was shopping at the market is a warm welcome from the locals. Even I don’t know them, but they always want to talk and smile to me. What a great hospitality they have got. Then at the afternoon, we headed to hike up to the University Mountain which is 5,806 feet above the sea lever. We hiked along the trailed with my host’s dog named Jenny. She leaded us for around 3 hours to get to the top. This is my first time to hike, and I hike in the state. How wonderful it is! We walked up 1800 feet and 6.2 miles. If you haven’t done hiking before, I suggest you to try it. It’s really worth to see a gorgeous scenery while wind would blow you mind. Dr. Shearer shared me an interesting information about the problem affected by climate changing. The weather is getting warmer, so the population of the pine beetles. They has been ravaging the southwestern Montana forest recently. So If you still keep ignoring to get started to solve the climate change, there will be no more exquisite mountain like it.

​Look how great the view is!

The dinner time had arrived, Cheryl cooked an Italian food for us while we was having fun at the mountain. She also let me and Max tried american beers. The beers are a bit bitter compared to beer in Thailand. I finished it anyway. Haha

Time flies, today is the last day for homestay program. We planed to do activities that the host normally do on weekend. In the morning, we went to the church, although I and Max are buddhism. Luckily, Dr. Shearer is going to give a message today. What he mentioned in the message are about Forgiveness, Faith formation and A faith to be proud of. I literally like the way that church let people gather every week, and have conversations after the weekly program. Then we went back to have lunch that our backyard. We had BBQ and salad outside, got a sun bath. It was the best meal ever. After that, I and Max, we volunteered ourself to help them mow their lawn. Dr.Shearer told us that American people care and spend lots of money to get a green lawn. We could say that if you want to be a great American, you may need to have a perfect lawn in front of your house. At the end of the day before heading back to hotel, we all went to Big Dipper again. Finally I know why Americans love ice cream, because it is so good.

3 days are too short to learn all of American cultures, we have learned a lot though. And of cause, I will miss you so much Dr. Shearer and Mrs. Cheryl.

​Best Host Ever


One thought on “Can we stay one more day?

  1. LOL, it is the same question that I want to ask Deena :D.
    I still remember one of my friend, Alex said that “It is the first time I had a nap (and even a really good one) like that since the beginning of the program” 555.


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