Bye Bye August. Hello Classes!

Khin Myat Mon ( Myanmar )

"Monday morning , up with the Sun.I think I’ll take a selfie with friends.
Hey, hey, hey It’s a beautiful day"

Yeah, I changed the lyrics of Daniel Boone’s Beautiful Sunday a bit ( cause today is Monday!) but anyway I have to say that today was indeed a very beautiful day! The smoke was quite gone thanks to the rain the other night and guess what! The clear blue sky and the shinny mountains of Missoula were finally revealed. Today was also the first day of the new semester, so the campus got so lively with many students. What a great way to start a day, right?

​UM and the shinny Mount Sentinel!

The very first activity of YSEALI Fellows for the day was to discuss about the group project with the Academic Directors, Dr. Len and Dr. Nicky. Every project group contributed to the discussion actively and took serious measure on the projects. This is amazing. Because this shows that the fellows didn’t join this program just to go to US but to learn, and make a change in their society for the development. Such commitment, such passion, such hard work. I am very proud of my friends. 🙂
The highlight of today was that it was our very first day to attend the classes together with the UM students , and the first time to experience the US classroom culture. I really love the two way communication learning style in the classroom, how the professors encourage the students to engaged in the discussion and prepare the exercises which wrap up the whole concept of the lecture which makes a lot easier for the students to understand the lessons. Challenging, interesting and fun. I can’t wait any longer for more classes!

​YSEALI Fellows in the first class of UM Environmental Studies Course

Later today, after all the classes,came the time everyone was waiting for. It is the time to get our own bike! Everybody was so excited to get a bike and couldn’t wait to ride a bike to the city. So after the Bike Safety Orientation ( Safety comes first!), we wasted no time but biked to the town to have dinner. As me being a beginner at biking, I was quite shaky to bike on the road but my friends looked out for me and stuck together with me the whole trip, making sure I was safe and wasn’t left behind. That reminded me of one thing. "Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind" Thank you guys :’)

​Bike Tour Selfie!

Then the night fell. We got to study and prepare for the lectures and discussion for the next day. But hey, that doesn’t mean that the fun time had to be stopped. So here we were, gathered in one room, making some food and had our own joyful group reading session! Well, yeah, honestly we didn’t manage to read as much as we were supposed to do cause most of the time, we ended up having conversation on many different topics. But this got us learn more about each other, the culture and countries’ issues. Most importantly, this activity brought us much closer.

​Su Ei and Max, studying? or eating? 😛

Isn’t it what this program all about? Creating the network between ASEAN and a collaboration for the regional development. And I believe that we all are doing it great!
Looking forward to spend more time with my Ohana.


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