Don’t let youth be wasted on the young!!

Happy Vietnam Independence Day 2015!! Yayyy!!!

Youtube link for Vietnam Team’s Performance:

"Do not get discouraged by big dreamers" – Quoted from Ms. Susan Hay Patrick at class about Strategic Planning and Evaluation this morning. This quote woke me up inside and from that I started reflecting on myself of why I am here in Missoula and what I need to fulfill as a YSEALI participant.

Being selected for YSEALI program brought me to a whole brand new experience that I treasure and cherish every single day staying here. Actually, I had great chances to talk and share my thoughts with many distinguished professors, brilliant guest speakers and very important people like The Mayor and The Councilor. For instance, today we were lectured by Mr. Scott Pankratz – Executive Director and Co-Founder of Ecology Project International about Building Effective Organization and his own experiences impressed me much and broadened my mindset on how to make my project last long and be sustainable. It could be a big mistake if I did not mention about lectures of Climate Change by Dr Nicky and Conservation without Borders with Dr Len, the provided knowledge and information are great sources for me to understand more about Environmental Issues in a Global Context.

To live the best out of YSEALI Fall 2015, I keep practicing 3 different habits including:

Keep challenging myself: Everyday, I always try to adapt biking habit, food, weather and time zone here. Moreover, embracing differences and diversity among YSEALI fellows and be open with any ideas that can come up will be put in my list. In addition, new perspectives and viewpoints will be enhanced if I choose to try new things and be a role model in what I say and do. More than that, I need to learn how to manage myself better in term of time, tasks and relationship management. It would be awesome if I practice seeing challenges as huge opportunities to seize. As, deep down inside, as a life learner, we all know that challenges are what keep us balance and push us to step out of our comfort zone to see the world.

Stay focus and be present: In fact, we had many classes about environmental issues and project managing hence in order to fully understand and get the most of them, staying focus and be present will be necessary and help us to acquire knowledge to the fullest.

Get wild and be fearless: We just live our life once so do not limit yourself, take chances and be immersed in the wilds of Montana. Yay!!

I do hope that together as a big team, YSEALI fellows in Fall 2015 can make a big change in their society and community without forgetting to live their youth in the youngest, wildest and most free way!!!

Some pictures of YSEALI Fellows Fall 2015:

​Thank you for reading! Love love ❤

Phan Thi Thuy Dung (Lucia)- Vietnam


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