The brightness of ASEAN Youth

​​The weather is very cold today as you could see from Ricky ‘s face

My name is Max ( representative from Laos ) . The weather today is very cold for us and we will hug each other to get our body warmer. Our friendship is raising everyday and we are one part of the family that call YSEALI family.

Morning session (Creation leader session) : We have leadership workshop about Introduction to National Resource Conflict Resolution at University center. The beginning of the class we play some game that it measures the ability how could you allocate resources efficiency. The key point that I have learn from this game is working as a team and having trust among members in your group. On the other hand everyone will be lose if you fight each other in order to be the winner. It is important to give your trust to other people in order to receive the trust from them which it relates to conflict resolution process. In ASEAN We have diversity of issues that happened around our region and this workshop provides the variety of elements which it has high capacity to apply this knowledge in our region. Moreover, we have learn how to analyse the problem and figure out the best position to handle the conflicts. One of the best example for me in this class is about case study from Round table on the Crown of the Continent which is one of the practical activity to show us how could they deal with the conflict. The idea of Willing relationship conservation were promote and it was very good idea that combine the group of people who have different ideas to adept their opinion and have the same goal by talking.Being open-minded and willingness are the key point to lead this project successful. I am very appreciate to be the one part of this class to exchange with the progressive youth from ASEAN and expertise from USA who experience a lot in term of handling conflicts.The valuable knowledge from this class will be the path way for us to play an very important role in our region to handle the conflict.

​Food zoo is one of the place that we have lunch and there are variety of food for us to explore and again you could see how delicious it is from Ricky’s face

​Afternoon session ( Power of Volunteerism session) : For afternoon session we have the workshop about Civic Engagement and Service Learning which promote the real meaning of volunteerism. In this class our youth parliaments from ASEAN are able to share the valuable experience and the challenges of being volunteer in their home countries. One of the most important that i have learn is about the volunteer culture in USA which people are very active and try their best to serve for their community. It inspires me a lot to work harder to serve my society and cooperate with youth from ASEAN to promote this value in our region. I believe that the power of youth we could make the different in our society. Being brave is the statement that I really want to promote to youth in ASEAN to break the barriers and do something good for their society. volunteers are people who care and share to other people. Volunteers are worth and not for sell

​The end of today is having fast food chain that call MacDonald and we are enjoy eating.

By: Mr.Oulathai SOUPHILEUTH (Max)


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