The Peak of Mountains

Art Phanthumachinda

Last night before I went to bed, I was talking with other YSEALI fellows about the snow we had seen yesterday. It was a great time up on ten thousand feet above the sea, set on the high mountain in the Glacier National Park. It was snowing and that scene was still attached in my heart, and always existed in my thought. I put myself in the cozy sleeping bag to keep my body warm, so it was working great as it did not allow any chill being inside. Before my eyes being close, I thought about the first sentences in “The Snow of Kilimanjaro of Ernest Hemmingway, “Kilimanjaro is a snow-covered mountain 19,710 feet high, and is said to be the highest mountain in Africa. Its western summit is called the Masai ‘Ngaje Ngai’, the House of God.” After an exhausted day, I woke up slightly, as I could see some ray through a window. The peak of the mountain in front of me was covered by the white snow. Was it the House of God? I thought and realized that I was in Montana and everything I had seen was nature.

Say Goodbye to Glacier.

When I was looking on the photos in my camera, the bell rang, so it was time for breakfast. I went to gathering bunkhouse and found that breads with some condiments were provided. Definitely, I did not choose peanut butter for my breads, but cream cheese instead. Even I got familiar to American food, but I was not used to some cultural context that I was not born that way. When I finished my breakfast, I had some free time before making my own sandwiches for lunch. I walked around the camp and gathered all feelings there among the pure nature on the mountain. I said something to myself, “the mountains are so big, and we are so small.” Actually, we were born from nature and we are nature. Big buildings in the large cities are created along with the people are trying to produce everything for their happiness. When the time passes by, environmental awareness of people is reducing as they are too far from nature. In my hometown, Bangkok, where people work hard to fulfill their happiness in the prosperous lives, they may forget whether materials they consume are created from nature. If people could see this exuberant nature as I did, once, they would have an inspiration to bring it back. Today, we might not be able to see a lot of snow on the summit of Kilimanjaro as explanation in the book, together with Glacier National Park is not the same as it was anymore.

Sun shines over my head.

It was time to depart from the Glacier Institute, Big Creek Outdoor Education Center. I chose the Nick’s car and I called shotgun to be his co-pilot again. It was a funny joke that we always called him as Captain Nick for this wondrous trip. Along the way we went were the landscape of beautiful mountains with snow on the peaks. The clean glacier-color lakes and the jaw-dropping green fields were set on two sides of the road. We took a rest at Safeway. I found a Starbuck’s Coffee Shop and was on the line to grab my grande hot caramel macchiato. When I was talking about my iPhone’s additional lens with other fellows, a woman stood between me and Queenie. She seemed interested about our conversation, so I started greeting her with some words. Her name is Mindy, and she asked us a lot of questions about the lives we had been in Montana so far. Astonishingly, she bought us the coffees! I had just known her no more than five minutes, but she paid for all of us. I was so impress of what the generous people here are. I believed that people around the world would have seen some Hollywood’s crime scene taken place in L.A. as well as crowded street in New York’s fifth avenue. I was one of those people who judged the United States as the movies told. However, the book cannot be judge simply by its cover. Just read them all and analyze what it is.

Captain Nick bought us along the stunning lake.

Mindy and YSEALI

Before the trip ended, the garden of One Thousand Buddhas was the last place today. It was so unbelievable to see that much Buddhas sat in the large field in Montana. However, every individual person has the rights to think, believe, or even rely on their faiths. The beginning of Buddhism might take place in Asia, but the faiths bring it everywhere in the world as every other religion as well. Faith is always powerful. And the Glacier trip is extremely wonderful.

Amazing Buddhas


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