Unforgettable experience in Glacier National Park

In the beautiful morning in Missoula near from University of Montana, I brought my small backpack from very nice hotel. We are greeted by very beautiful scenery and lovely weather. Yeah, its time for hiking. We are going to go to national glacier park where we can find snow, wildlife animal, beautiful lake, amazing river and waterfall. It is located in the border of US – Canada, Montana States. Home for northern american wildlife, wild meadows and stunning mountain peak. I was so excited because it will be my first time to see snow.

The trip was approximately 3 hours driving from Missoula. The first destination is lunch time in flathead lake. It is the largest natural fresh water lake out of west Missisipi River with over 200 square miles of water. It has very clean water with fresh air blown everytime. It makes wave and when you see it from far distance you might be think that it is sea because it is so blue and wavy, but come on, no sea on 2,894 ft (882 m) surface elevation. I was just feeling that I am near from giant air conditioner now, because in my country which is tropical, I just can find such this weather in room with air conditioner. I try to hold that weather, but I can’t. I have to take my jacket to keep my body warm. The picnic was just so perfect, umm we ate american food, I have to adjust myself for it. LOL.

From flathead lake, we continued to The Glacier Institute Big Creek Outdoor Education Center. It is our classroom and lodging for two days amazing experience.

The first class is about The Flathead Transboundary Controversy by Michael Jamison. He is Crown of the Continent Program Manager. This class inspires me better approach for solving the land conflict. The crown of continent is charming gemstone for many people from different interest not only because it is located in the border of two big country but also the meaningful things in it such as water resource, indigineous people, wildlife and ecosystem, forest, mineral and energy resources.

This day is just so fun, we play football and frisbee. Frisbee? if it’s sounds weird for you, it might be same with me when the first time. It is just so famous and fun though, you can see it from the picture that somebody has to throw the plate and somebody else has to catch it. The fly of the plate just so tricky and sometimes you need to run to catch the plate. This games help me to warm my self in cool afternoon and the cups of tea, coffe, and hot chocolate created a warm environment to talk each other. This is the first time for us in one bedroom together. It is separated between boys group and girls group.The night is just so long for us, because we laughed and singing together.

As we walked around after the class is over, we find that the crown of the continent is extremely beautiful. We saw beautiful mountain and very clean water flowing in the river. It make me aware that if we live in harmony with the nature, the reward is healthy and beautiful places. The environment also maintain us in high quality of living. I just hope that one day I can see it in my hometown, Makassar, Indonesia.

Written by : Zulkhaedir Purwanto
Last year student of Hasanuddin University, Indonesia.


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