~Wonderful trip to Glacier National Park~

A Good Snapshot Keep A Moment From Running Away” quoted by E.Welty

The stuning view of the Glacier National Park

Hello there. Victoria here. Today I am going to describe about our field study to the Glacier National Park as a part of Dr. Broberg class on the Conservation without Borders. It is known that the Glacier National Park is a United States National Park and a UNESCO World Heritage that is the Northern part of Montana. We were very excited to go to the field study and observed the beauty and stunning scenery of the glacier park.

We stayed overnight in the Big Creek Outdoor Education Center before we trailed to the glacier park.I have one funny story to be shared in this blog. That evening before the trailed, I actually sprained my ankle while playing Frisbee due to my overexcites-ness. OMG !! Haha. But this did not stop me from my journey to the Glacier. Next morning, before we departed to trail the glacier park, we had two speakers to present their presentations respectively. The first speaker was Dave Hadden, Executive Director of the Headwater Montana presented on the topic concerning on the Whitefish Partnership Collaboration Land Management Proposal whereby it related in maintaining and protect the water, wildlife and traditional outdoor recreational opportunities in the Crown of the Continent landscape.

Presentation by Dave Hadden, Executive Director of the Headwater Montana

Then we proceeded with another presentation by Sheena Pate, Project Coordinator of the National Geographic Crown of the Continent Geotourism Project which she presented on the geotourism, geotraveler, the Crown of Continent and why geotourism in the Crown of the Continent into the landscape in a sustainable way. Later then, the most awaited part of the day was exploring Glacier National Park. I forgot to mention that the weather was pretty cold and it rained. We had to cover our body with few layers of coats and winter clothing. It was the first time for me and my fellow YSEALI mates to dress up like that. We drove about 45 minutes to reach to the trail of the Glacier and I can see some snow while in the car. It was fantastic. The view along the journey was incredibly stunning. We have to stop before we can drive further more and road was closed down due to the snowstorm. We were happy as we can see snow falling from the sky in the Glacier. It was a dream came true to me as I get to see snow for the first time my life!!!! Yayyyy!! We were extremely happy for the snow.

Group photo and we were thrilled with the snow. Go YSEALI!!

After the photo taking, we then hiked along the forested valley and we saw a nice water fall and river with clear freshwater and got to view the beauty of the nature of the park. It was awesomely nice. It was rained and it did not stop us to hike and got the experience of hiking in the rain. My ankle was quite pain and due to the teamwork and the support from the GTAs and my fellow lovely YSEALI friends, it did not stop me from hiking with them as we had the team spirit in the YSEALI family. Go go lah, YSEALI fellows! We didnt hike that long way due to the rain and the time but at least we hiked for a short while and it was a indeed a memorable experience for me.

Group photo after hiking the beautiful forest

Later on , we headed back to the Big Creek Outdoor Education Center for dinner and to sleep after a long day.! Yay! Overall, Glacier is indeed a beautiful place to visit with the captivated and breathtaking natural wonder. On top of that, this field study has strengthen our relationship towards each other apart from providing knowledge to us.

Thank you!

Victoria Druce (2015)


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