“And I think to my self….”

10 September 2015

What a wonderful world!” The music by Louis Armstrong in my mp3 player was ending up while the cars parking in front of the Tribal Government Headquarters. After we spent time there about 2 hours, I had some more interesting idea about this human world.

The first nation known as Indian tribes had lived here in United State long time ago before white people from European countries discovered this land. After that time not too long, they were interrupted and devastated by European. They loosed their land and their way of life. This story means something to me…

In my home town there are 2 minority tribes. One lives in the Mountain range, and the other one live on the islands. They live there before any kingdoms in Thai and Malaysia peninsula. But in last thousand years, many kingdoms were established and decayed follow the time. But surprisingly! The tribes were always still there in the jungle! Last 50 years after the mountain range and islands belonged to Thai Kingdom, the jungles that used to be the homeland of the tribes were gradually smaller and smaller. The roads and the villages cut them from each group. And people claim that the lands are belonging to the villagers and citizens because they have title deeds. But the tribes didn’t understand the papers. So the thing that they could do is only move away into the deeper jungle. At least there were no any converting or holocaust. They are still there in the smaller Jungle.

What a wonderful world!

The music’s still playing in my head while I’m playing the Native games. It’s was the best moment that people from 8 different countries were playing the game from the tribes from the opposite side of the world. We laughed and smile with happiness. Yes, we never know this kind of games before. But we had fun. I use to say, Smile is the language of the World.

“What a wonderful World”

OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!” Cla, Quinee, Tom, and I kept saying that after we found that at the curve of gravel road in Bison Range, there were two big bisons standing beside the car. One of them walked across the road in front of us. Suddenly the other one just fell down and rolled in to the ground. The dust flew up to the sky. It’s an amazing scene that I only saw in the documentary films. We kept watching them like 15 minutes. The bison did that for more one time. The dust flew away into the car’s direction. After the wind blew the dust away, we saw the bison stood up with elegant pose behind the dust. It’s such an impressive moment!

“What a wonderful World”

The car ran through the mountains and the hills of Prairie. The beautiful scenery blew my mind away. We also saw 2 eagles soared down to the creek. After the water exploded, we found that they cough the big fish before flew away to the top of the tree. OH MY GOD! I kept saying that in my mind. What a wonderful nature.

​The Sun was shining in the early evening. I was listening to music “I will always love you” orchestra version. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CycR6Wozjo) I just recognize that this is the same Rocky Mountain that I used to dream about when I was a little boy. The car ran through the valley between the mountains. That moment is so impressive in my mind. The sky is blue. The cloud is white. The dog said goodnight. And I think to myself. I will always love you, my wonderful world.


Krittanon Thotsagool

Gump (Thailand)

10 Sep 2015


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