This guy is me (Quang – the most handsome “YSEALIer”) – “Rafting”

​Still me (the biggest YSEALIer) – “Hát-ting”

Let me use a little bit Vietnamese today! Too much English, too much Bahasa and too much Thai. I’ve met only one person who can speak Vietnamese since I came here, romantic, beautiful and peaceful Missoula. One third of us can speak Bahasa and another one third can speak Thai. Sometimes I feel like I am an invisible man when those friends talk to each other: “Hey! Hey! Over here. I am also a person who can speak other language”. That’s my feeling. Ok, one day I will learn Thai and Bahasa.

The man next to Max is Logan Ried, an American speaking Thai fluently and correctly

Sorry, let me explain about the title. Forget about the mark above the word, just say it as “hat”. “Hát” means “sing” in English. Our boat was so crazy. While rafting, we sang. We sang from Thai to Myanmar songs, from Miley Cyrus (…I’m noddin’ my head like yeah, movin’ my hips like yeah. I got my hands up, they’re playing my song. I know I’m gonna be Ok. Yeah, it’s a party in the USA…) to Adele (…I’ve heard that you’re settled down, that you found a girl and you’re married now…). I didn’t know how we could change from a happy song to a sad song, but “I don’t care eeeee, I don’t care eeeee…”. By the way, I would like to send a big thank to YSEALI program. You gave us the chance to stay in the US and made friends with so many nice people. “I’ve never had a dream come true” but our American dream came true. This is the first time of my life I’ve gone to the US.

Clark Fork River was extremely beautiful and so was the weather. We couldn’t stand not swimming in such a perfect day, so we jumped out of the boat. “Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh, oh my gosh!!!” The water was so cold, no, it must be chill. I’ve never swum in such cold water like that before. Not only cold was the water, but also hot was the sunshine. We got burnt. However, we enjoyed a lot.

“My head’s underwater but I’m breathing fine. You’re crazy and I’m out of my mind…”

The second time I jumped out, I couldn’t swim upstream to our boat ‘cause I was too tired. Thank god! I was rescued by Deena’s husband – Brian (sorry if I’m wrong with the name). Then I met so many people having been to Vietnam. They loved Vietnamese food and people. So happy to me! If anyone comes to Vietnam, just tell us, we’ll be your free tour guides.

My day was not over. When our friends stayed at Comfort Inn to recover, I decided to explore Missoula by myself. I took my bike and found the way to Southgate Mall. It has been a long time since the last time I rode that far. It took me nearly an hour to get there and I got lost somewhere. In the end, I was satisfied. I found this candy. I bet none of you has ever tried this before. It’s in Harry Porter. Anyone has enough courage to eat and play that game with me?

Good night everyone!

Quang from Hanoi, Vietnam.

P/s: thank you, Gump and Khang for your photos.


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