I have been in America for 20 days now and I believe that every single day that i have spent and every single day that I am going to spend will be the unforgettable days that ever happen in my life. Hence, today I woke a bit early because I do not want to miss every moment that happens here and I know that I have only one chance and no one knows what will happen in the future. There are three things that i did today and there is one ecstatic thing that made me and other Yseali fellows feel like home. Indeed, the weather today is so warm almost like the weather in my country.

The first activity that I did today after having breakfast is Shopping! *:) happy . Victoria, Lucia, Quang, and me went to Target mall by a cab. Actually, there weren’t many people there because we were very excited to go to shopping and we arrived a bit earlier.

The photo of me in front of target mall.

The products there are not expensive, so we bought many things even though we are tired because of the rafting trip yesterday. In addition to these, I think shopping in America is enjoyable because there are many fascinating products and there are many malls that i can find everything I want. Thus, we not only went to Target mall but also TJ Maxx. There, I saw a number of cheap products and I also saw a lot of Halloween stuff in there that made me feel sad because I don’t have a chance to stay in America during that day but it’s okay because at least I could see those stuff.*/:) raised eyebrows

The Halloween costume and decoration.

When the afternoon came, the group Yseali went to watch Montana Cup Soccer Game which is a women’s college soccer match between University of Montana Grizzlies and the Creighton University Bluejays. Watching the game is really impressive because the groups cooperated with each other really well that I could feel that they have faith in each other and they are really strong. Additionally, a meaningful moment that have ever happened in my life is when i saw the audience screaming and cheering for the players because I never saw that moment in my own eyes before and I think that I will never forget this moment. Unfortunately, team Montana lost but it was really fun watching game that made me think that I’m really lucky to be here.

The Group Yseali at the Montana Cup Soccer Game with Shanti and Dr. Len

The last thing that i did today and it made me feel like home the most since i have arrived in America i is having dinner at Mr.Tuyen and Mrs Shu Shu Pham. And guess what? we had Rice for dinner!!!*:D big grin. In fact, I have to admit that Shu Shu is really a great cooker and we were extremely happy for the foods like you can see on Queenie and Gump’s face.

Everyone happy to see the foods.

After the dinner Shu Shu told us about her story. She is an intellectual women and she never give up in her life even though she has to face some difficulties. She and her husband is really a good couple. I never want the time to go so fast when I was with them.

Shushu is telling her story after the beautiful dinner.

Thank you!

Chakriya Poa


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