Once YSEALIer Forever YSEALIer

Hi Everyone! This is Su Ei Nandar from Myanamr J

I haven’t noticed that time flies so fast and now we have already stayed three weeks in the beautiful city Missoula. I still couldn’t believe that I am in the United States and meeting with the gorgeous people la (using the Malaysian assent). Today is such a long day for our YSEALIers. Before reaching for my blog day, I was really worried that I could not make very well. Today we were going to see the Waste Water Treatment in Missoula. Because of writing proposal yesterday night, I could not get up early morning and I was late so everybody was waiting me at the Lobby (I am so sorry Guys J ). I am very exciting and nervous to visit to the waste water treatment facility as I am not very much understand and familiar with waste water management.

I was riding Peter’s car and we sing along all the way to the destination. Ohh, we did have fun on the car as our gorgeous Ricky was in our car (you will never regret if you are with Ricky:-P ). As we arrived to the waste water treatment facility, I could smell something we are not familiar with everyday. As first, I don’t like the smell and it stint so badly but later on I could endure abit, I hope everyone will have the same feeling with me, Am I right?

I was really impressed by the people who worked here and I really appreciate their dedicated mind. Mr Gene Connell was waiting in front of the main building and he warmly welcomed us .Mr. Gene said all the wastewater from the individual households, small businesses, and restaurants in Missoula come to the treatment plant through the buried sewage pipes. The wastewater has to pass through 2 main steps of treatment. When the dirty water first arrives into the plant, it will be pumped up in the head works. During this step, trash and gravel will be removed. Then the water will continue to go through ‘’primary treatment’’, this process removes everything heavier or lighter than water which is half of the pollution. After that, ‘’secondary treatment’’ which is a biological process, and bacteria in the system consumes the pollutants. After this process, the bacteria will be harvested out, leaving clean water. The residuals are also treated, and they will be made into Eco-composed, which will be used as natural fertilizer for farmers to grow their crops.

Figure 1 Mr Gene is explaining about the Waste Water Treatment system and we all are really interesting especially Mr Andrew

The treated water was released to the river and some are used for the irrigation of the farm and the watering the poplar plants near the waste water treatment facility. I was really impressed by the waste water treatment and I really want to make like this in my country, I never dreamed of recycling the especially water before.

Figure 2 Having fun at the back of the Truck

After that, Mr Gene walked us to the Poplar Farm which is Missoula Hybrid Poplar Water reclamantion project and I was also amazed by the power of Poplar trees which is the natural purifier for the water. The trees are already grown up and more than 72,000 poplar trees were planted in last year May to improve the health of the Clark Fork River and the environment. Ten million gallons of reclaimed water is dumped into the river every day. After that, we all were jumped into the truck to go for the servicing in the farm. We carried all the logs and old trees into the truck happily and it’s kind of physical exercise for all of us. I was very sorry that I could not contribute a lot as I hurt my leg L

Later on we went back to the university and had lunch together in Food Zoo. For me, having lunch together with our YSEALIers is one of the highlighted activities that I enjoyed the most. After the lunch, we went to the Jannet Rankin Hall for Dr Len’s class, Conservation without borders and today lesson is about the Coral Triangle Initiatives and Indonesia, Malaysia, Phillipines, Thailand, etc are incluced in the coral triangle. I have learned about the alternative livelihoods project in those countries in order to protect the Coral reefs. Some countries, they even developed the policies to protect the environment. We also learned 4 elements for sustainable livelihood programs and it is also very useful for our project proposal.

Figure 3 DR Len was talking about Coral Triangle Initiative

Before the climate change class, we went to the chemistry building for the discussion with Jami and Peter. The discussion session was amazing and we have to make the exercise for the climate change negotiation among the developed countries, other developing coutries, china, India, US and EU and some underdeveloped countries. After the negotiation, we could not get our target because China cannot agree to reduce the emissions (Actually I was the China Delegate).

Figure 4 The arrogant China Delegates

On the way to the Climate change class, we had the conversation about the last days in Missoula and our adventurous trip in New Orlens and Washington DC and we actually don’t want to reach to the last day but this is something we must face and we are also trying to live in the present happily and want to preserve all those memories.

After that we went to attend the lecture on Climate change and Jami presented about the GCMs. GCMs stands for Global Climate Model and another way General Circulation Model. And we could also learn about the weather forecasting and Climate forecasting.

After the discussion, we had a short discussion with Dr Nicky for our project and we went back to the hotel and me, Max, Art, Andrew, Mon and our gorgeous Ricky went to Five guys hamburger shop which is the local one and we enjoyed the food, talked and laughed together. Actually we all are very excited for the tomorrow Cultural Presentation at the school and we tried to practice and made the rehearsal for tomorrow presentation.

Figure 5 Five Guys Burger shop where we went for today Dinner

I don’t want to stop the blog here and I want to continue more and more. If I could have the power, I would love to stop the time, especially our time in Montana!!!! I am very excited and happy to go back to the university life again and I am very much enjoying my time with my lovely sisters and brothers here. I would like to create the unforgettable and beautiful memories with all of you guys and want to keep in my memory forever. I hope that even though this program will be ending very soon but our friendship will remain the same and will become the lifelong friend forever J

Figure 6 We never fail to take the selfie everyday

So, if you become YSEALIer once, you will be forever YSEALIer……………


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