Highlights of the day!

~ From An Khang (Vietnam) with love again ~

Meet and greet with U.S State Department Program Officer KEVIN ORCHISON

Finally, I met him.

I knew the name "Kevin Orchison" via my DS-2019 form. I don’t think that I could meet him early like this. If you, Kevin, are reading this blog post, I want to say thank youuuuuuu very much for selecting me for YSEALI Fall 2015 Program ❤

My first impression of Kevin is that he is very friendly and nice. In my imagination, U.S State Department Program Officer must be very cold and formal. Instead, he just wore casual clothes.

He explained to us a lot of things about YSEALI Program. I have just known that this is the first time YSEALI on Environmental Issues being organized in the fall. Honestly, I love being here in the fall more than in the summer (although I have never been here in the summer). I have summer weather in my home country so I wish to experience something new. And I did see the trees changing colors in the fall for the very first time in my life. They are so beautiful and eye-relaxing.

I love the fall ❤

The meeting is just only 30 minutes so we do not have much time to talk to each other. I want to ask him one more question which is "are there any chances that we YSEALI Fellows could meet the President Barack Obama in the future?". I will ask him this question later because he will spend time with us in a few upcoming days.

The Crown of the Continent starts!

Today is the first day of the Crown of the Continent. In the beginning, we had a chance to hear a lot of success stories from leaders of citizen science programs. After that, we came into Ballroom and listen to the speech of Sheena Plate about Geotourism. Some enthusiastic leaders also shared their mind and thoughts about their own projects and plans.

The second negotiation of United Nations: did we make it?

We did fail again huhu.

After a very dynamic discussion and even argument, our final decisions made the temperature of the earth rise up to 3.4 degrees in 2100. Our goal is just rising 2 degrees only.

Anyway, I did acknowledge that making decision for serious problems like this is never ever easy. Reena and I (team U.S) did not know how much money we should contribute to the Global Fund. We are not sure if the money we give to the fund, the amount of afforestation, the percentage of CO2 we will reduce, have what kind of impact to the economy or other things related. We only had 20 minutes to negotiate so we could not see the problem too further in the future.

I now can understand how stressful and difficult the REAL United Nations’ meeting will be in Paris at the end of this year. I will not blame or use bad words for any decision they will make (I have never done that also) because I know they must take a lot of time to think, discuss, brainstorm to have the final decision.

What a useful discussion!

Dinner at Fall Festival

Just one sentence: I love the chickennnnnnnnnnnnnn 💓

September 16, 2015


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