Please don’t say good bye.

Last weekend in Missoula, Montana

I don’t want to leave Montana. I don’t want to say this the last weekend. I want to say last weekend in comfort inn. LOL. Because I want to come back here someday. Well, weekend is always special because it is time to explore the city, especially for last weekend of program. I start my exploration by hiking to “M” Mountain. I want to see Missoula from above. It just very nice to see beloved university, Yeah Missoula is very nice city and Montana has very great nature. You will want to be here again once you leave it.

Well, Montana’s name is Spanish word means mountain. Yes, Mountain is everywhere. It is a part of rocky mountain that stretches in north America. Mount Sentinel is one of them. For short, we call it ‘M’ Mountain because there is big ‘M’ letter on the slope. The mount which elevation 1,572 m is located to the east of University of Montana. The trail is zigzag and just approximately an hour to walk to the top.

Last weekend means we are going to leave Montana. It is hard, but we have to. Please do not say good bye, let’s say see you again. Because I hope we can meet again one day, maybe in other part of earth. Well, Thanks for all of teacher, Prof. Len Broberg, Nicky Phear. Thank to Deena Mansour and Melissa Wardlow. Thanks to GTA (Graduate Teaching Assistant) Shanti Johnson, Peter McDonough, Pat O’Connor, Jami Seirer and Nick Triolo. Thanks to Student Coordinator Mercedes Becker, Sam Forstag and Sean McQuillan. You guys the nicest American that We ever met. Thanks for everything. Thanks for this unforgettable experience. We hope we can meet you again.


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